Catirpel Necklace
    A modern knit necklace.
  • Catirpel is a fresh approach to jewelry design, combining fine jewelry and product design disciplines. The concept is that of light, modular, hand knit cotton tiers which link to create different color combinations to match one’s mood and style. The idea started with the desire to create a color gradient necklace, and the material that was on hand to prototype this idea was colored yarn. The next step in this necklace's development is to three dimensionally model and print linking pieces that will be cast in metal. This will make Catirpel a truly modular piece of jewelry.
Catirpel is a beautiful, modern, knit necklace that will is a stunning addition to any jewelry collection. This unique knit necklace comes in triple, double, or single tier variations in a number of color combinations.
Jewelry Design, Product Design, Textile Design
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